• Tim sometimes helps Katrina to run Wôks Print and do all things official. He is also the co-author to The Page of Cups, which Katrina whipped him mercilessly over until it was done.

  • Jennifer White found out late in life that she was but a small part of a well-known and often debunked government conspiracy. Her only book is often updated as she adds to it when new information is found.

  • Keenum Spear is a member of the Brotherton Nation. She writes children's books with no ulterior motive except to entertain them. She also will use the Mohegan language in her texts, because. 'Murica.

  • Born in New Jersey, 11 March 19-something, to a mundane dentist father and singer mother Leslie Fish is a filk musician, author, and anarchist political activist. Her music can be found at www.random-factors.com. You can also find more about her by visiting lesliefish.com.

  • Christian Madsen discovered the works of science fiction author A. E. van Vogt at the age of seven. This led to a lifelong passion for speculative fiction and for the public library system -- both of which he supports to this day. After serving in the U. S. Air Force, Chris studied computer science at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Although his programming career took him to many parts of the country, he eventually settled back in Wisconsin where he met his wife Marty, now deceased. Chris lives in a suburb of Milwaukee, where he collects antique computing devices and reads too much.

  • K. J. Joyner is the prolific author that founded the Writers of the Apocalypse and manages Wôks Print with her husband, Timothy Belcher. Her favorite things to create are comic books, although prose is dear to her heart.

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